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"I know a little pussy cat 

Her teeth and claws are sharp 

She twines her tail around me 

And she bites me in the dark 


I see my little pussy cat's 

Platonic feline form 

It shimmies up beside me 

Violating my decorum


I love a little pussy cat

The fairest there could be 

Her only imperfection is 

She lives to torture me"


- pain slut 


Being with me is easy. I don't believe domination needs to be combative and boorish (not that there's anything wrong with that). Don't come into my space expecting me to strong arm you into anything. If that's what you want then, ta ta


With that said - I am not afraid to hurt you. Watching a sub flinch and recoil in adrenaline-kissed agony paints the kind of grin on my face I can hardly wipe off for days. I consider myself a nurturing sadist with an air of stoic majesty. I possess a duality and etherealness that will always keep me “up here” and you “down there.” I’m eloquent yet sparing of words as I find verbosity to be asinine. With that, you’ll find time spent with me is never contrived, and is instead a genuine exchange between two people exploring their deeper shadow sides. My innate understanding of touch and physicality translates into a highly therapeutic session.

Don’t fret if pain isn’t on your wish list. I’m a clever girl, and I’m happy to dominate you in a variety of ways! It can be noted I am an excellent listener and certified wellness coach with a passion for nutrition, so if you’re a little fatty or a picky eater (my pet peeve) I’d love to whip you into shape. Visit my session page for more ideas and insights into my favorite activities and fantasies.

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