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Naturally, there are a few rules for you to bare in mind if you want to do a session with me.

I will not schedule in my calendar until I have received your deposit.

I do NOT want to talk to you on the phone (for free). Ever. No. No way. 

Arrive on time. If you arrive late be ready to make it up to me.

Don’t arrive too early. I won’t take you earlier than scheduled and I don't like the thought of you loitering around.

Make sure your hygiene is in check. Come prepared for anything. If you think you are clean, then be more clean than that. If it isn’t up to my standards you’ll be asked to shower, which will come out of your session time.


Do not try to coax me into doing any activity I don’t want to do.

Do not touch me without my permission.

Know what you want, and communicate your desires with me. Even if you are new, you should have some idea as to the types of activities you would like to try.


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