Testimonials and sweet nothings from the boys who love to serve me...

 "So many mixed emotions flowed through me prior to our meet. I wasn’t sure what to expect, quite frankly. As I make my way toward our designated meet area my heart is beating at a rapid pace. And when I first saw her everything stopped. Our eyes met....my thoughts froze. My ego shrunk. My spirit broke. My masculinity was stripped, and any dominance that once existed in my personality dissipated in thin air. She is the epitome of feminine beauty, and the peak of intoxicating dominance. The persona that she exuded made me forget any fetish I wanted to indulge in and desire one thing only: her validation. I felt trapped. No one to save me. Nothing to save me...except her validating mercy..."

- Awed slave

"I initiated email contact with Domina Bast with reluctance- I knew I needed to be broken but I hadn't been successful in finding the right person to understand me. Her questionaire was thoughtful and probing. It seemed to probe me for my secrets without being overly demanding or tiresome. I followed my instincts and just kept moving forward with the process...surely it would lead to dissapppointment? Oh well, it if did, it wouldn't be that bad- perhaps I subconsciously wanted to be victorious? I suppose it is quite often that a sub initiates contact to test himself and test the Dom.. I wonder why they don't tire of of that... Domina Bast was polite and to the point. Yes, I passed her first test. Yes, I could meet with Her... move forward when I was ready. The walk to her lair filled me with butterflies... I was nervous about it and not quite sure why... was I nervous because I would test Her and win? Or was it because there was something about her that made me feel that I would lose? I was smirkly confident that I could get out of any punishment that I had told Her I needed...I knew that I could fool Her into letting me out of it. When I entered Her room I felt more nervous than I had before...something was different about this one. She approached and circled around me like a spider with Her catch. My nervousness increased. Sensing my weakness and my faltering verve she moved forward with instructions... I stood there before Her... nothing to hide my embarrassment and nowhere to go... I felt trapped and that added to my fear...to be continued..."

- Sammy


"Domina Bast provided an unforgettable sensual domme experience. She was friendly and non-judgmental throughout our initial communications, and her attention to detail resulted in a flawless execution of the pre-arranged role-play scenario. In fact, the session was so satisfying and left me so dazed & confused, that I tried to exit her play space through a closet. Domina Bast is definitely worth a second visit (& subsequent visits)."


- Anonymous Sub



"When I first met Domina many months ago, I was immediately impressed with what I call her “Quiet Power”. I’ve seen a lot of pretend dommes who use profanity and loud insulting language to project their “dominance” over men. Not so with Domina Bast. She is sharp, well spoken and considers her words. Domina has a beauty and dignity that makes me want to submit and please her; to do as she instructs.

I must have seen her twenty times now. She takes her time and leads me to a special destination. Her know how and techniques are as good as I’ve found. I’m 67 years and have been doing this for a long time, so these comments carry meaning and fantastic satisfaction!

Do yourselves a huge favor, and submit to Domina as soon as possible..."


- A Good Boy



"If you are looking for a Domina that is not only beautiful and regal but also smart and demanding in session play, I highly recommend Domina Bastet. I had the honor and privledge of meeting her and serving Her for an hour session recently and the experience far surpassed my wildest expectations. After a few emails She set a time and place to meet. She gave easy directions. I felt a connection as soon as I entered Her domain. It was clean , private and comfortable. Her pictures are gorgeous but to see Her in person took my breath away. She immediately took the role of a Dominant Female. She not only used Her beauty to tease me into submission but also Her smart wit and intelligence to really get inside my mind. I am a submissive male that likes the mental aspect of D/s as well as the physical BDSM play. Domina Bastet remembered my emails and incorporated my fantasy into real life play. I was punished, rewarded, obedient and naughty for an hour of intense slave training. Domina Bastet understood my male psyche - pushing me to the limit and just beyond all the while making me want and crave more and more of Her unbridled attention. She made me feel like I was the only person on the planet. Her focus was on me and I was there to serve and obey Her.  She remembered my fetishes from our emails and incorporated them into our special scene.  I felt like I could tell Her anything; there was no judgement - just Her and me as Dominant and submissive. I experienced a rush of endorphins and subspace from our hour long power exchange. I left feeling happy, floaty and very humble. 


If you are debating whether or not to email Domina Bastet,  the answer is simple. Do it. If She accepts your application you will be a lucky man. Be polite, patient and above all else a gentleman when corresponding with her. You can open up to her and communicate your desires, however,  she only sees gentlemen that are truly submissive. I will definitely see her again."


- Slave John



"I showed up a bit tired for my session to see Domina and within seconds I went from tired to very awake and aware with nervousness- knowing exactly then that she was in charge of all the powerful spiritual energy in the room . She wasted no time and was very intoxicating . She made me feel lucky to be there sharing her precious time and energy with me. I have seen a few prodommes in my lifetime and I have to say she is a 11 on a scale of 1-10 . Domina was fabulous at inflicting the best increments of pain I could handle . On fire and alive she made me feel, as well as very warm and safe and wanted. Cleansed of toxic negative energies via her amazing relentless pain and control of the scenario . I cannot think of anything she did that I would not want done to me repeated maybe a few ten thousand more times (maybe stretched over a certain amount of time). Thank you Domina. You have helped me so much."


- Anontype Kinkster/subby



"It is my pleasure to recommend Domina Bast, and hope to give you a glimpse about how wonderful she is. She deserves utmost recommendation, and is sure to provide an amazing experience for the novice or experienced BDSM player alike. 


Before my visit, I briefly read the previous comments, and was excited to meet her. Between her attractive picture gallery and the positive reviews, she seemed a great choice. But… now that I experienced her myself and read them again, I must say they they are all extremely accurate. So my first point is: read them again, they are spot on! 


My second point is a personal one: I think she is a fantastic dominatrix. My experience in this kinky world is vast and spans many years. I have met more alternative minds than I would care to admit on a public forum. Some of those acquaintances have had a lasting impact, irrespective actually on wether the encounter was brief or extended. Domina is one of those few people who has such an influence on her subs. We usually just label that as “great chemistry”, but no chemistry is complete without the proper ingredients: she is smart, beautiful, sexy, and caring, while at the same time controlling, teasing, and spicy. And then of course there is that inexplicable joy in seeing you suffer in pain - She owns that ! Call yourself lucky if she owns you for a moment, you won’t regret it."


- Anonymous Sub



"The moment the door cracked I was overwhelmed with the radiant glow. She goes above and beyond anything my mind could ever picture. When you enter it only takes a moment for her to see into your soul and know exactly what to give you. The sessions time is used perfectly, there is no way it could be any more perfect. She is intelligent and insightful beyond belief. We are honored to be alive in the same era she is working, let alone the same region. I went in confused, anxious, and lost, by the time I was done I was glowing- she filled the void I had tried my entire life to fill. From the Instagram page to the website, anybody can tell she is professional and passionate. She is worth more than money. It's honestly a genuine honor to be in her realm. Please use nothing short of absolute respect when communicating with her, and keep in mind that she is a pure artist allowing you the privilege of being her canvass. I would recommend this for anybody looking for something extra to fill the empty space inside you, and anybody with a pulse for that matter (as long as you treat her right). Pictures and words cannot describe the greatness of her, once you see you will believe."


- A Lucky Creep


Your sincere notes of praise rise before me like sweet incense.